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The Ricci 21st Century
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The 21st Century Roundtable has data arranged into broad categories.  Each may be considered a paired or related category that has a relationship with the others, and more will be added in future,such as a glossary and site for publishing monographs. Archival and bibliographic entries sometimes overlap, as do institutions and locations; Biographies includes elements of the others, and so on.  These are sometimes artificial distinctions, and as the technology evolves and the database expands, content will interrelate to a much greater extent.
Copyright Notice:
The text and images in the Ricci 21st Century Roundtable Database on the History of Christianity in China are for the personal use of students, scholars, and interested members of the public.
Scholars using materials provided by this database are asked to acknowledge this in bibliographic citations. Any commercial use or publication of these materials is strictly prohibited.

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