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1. Michael Smithies & Luigi Bressan. Siam and the Vatican in the Seventeenth Century
Bangkok: River Books, 2001
146 pp. (richly illustrated with pictures of original documents)
ISBN 974 822 56 82 (40 $)

Smithies is the author of, among other books:
A Siamese Embassy Lost in Africa 1686
(Chiangmai: Silkworm Books, 1999)

Bressan also published:
A Meeting of Worlds: The Interaction of Christian Missionaries and
Thai Culture, Bangkok: Assumption University Press, 2000

Submitted to EUCHINA by Adrian Dudink

2. Timmermans, Claire. Entre Chine et Europe. Taoisme et bouddhisme chinois dans les publications jesuites de l'epoque moderne (XVIe - XVIIIe siecles) [Doctoral thesis, EHESS, 1998]. Villeneuve d'Ascq: Diffusion Septentrion Presses Universitaires - These a la carte, 2002?

Based exclusively on Western documents from different European archives and on published collections, with particular attention for the Litterae Annuae and the Lettres Edifiantes et Curieuses, the thesis explores the critique and understanding of Daoism and Buddhism by Jesuit missionaries in China and their editors in Europe, and the reverberations that this image of Chinese religions had on the European public.

Submitted to EUCHINA by Eugenio Menegon

3. Lars LAAMANN, "Anti-Christian Agitation as an Example of Late Imperial Anticlericalism", in Extrême-Orient, Extrême-Orient 24 (2002), pp. 47-63.

This issue of Extrême-Orient, Extrême-Orient, edited by Vincent Goossaert is devoted to the theme of Anticlericalism in China. It includes articles on different types of anticlericalism, among which the article by Laamann which treats Christianity in the eighteenth century.

The periodical is distributed by Sodi, 128, av. du Mal de Lattre-de-Tassigny, 77403 Lagny-sur-Marne, France.

Reference from N. Standaert

4. An Ximeng "Qingchu 'liyi zhi zheng' zhong de wenhua goutong" ('The Rites Controversy' and Cultural Communication", in Jidujiao wenhua xuekan (Journal for the Sudy of Christian Culture) 7 (2002), pp. 237-270.

This article presents itself as a critical revew of contemporary criticism of the old rites controversy.
The periodical is published by the Centre for Christian Culture at Renmin Univ.
ISBN 7-80123-440-5/B.102

Reference from N. Standaert

5. An article on the descendants of sixteenth century Christians in Japan by Philippe Pons has been published in Le Monde, 14 October 2002, dated 15 October, p.16.

The article is available on the journal's website:
Search with keywords in French, e.g. chretiens, Japon. Access to the article is free, at least during one month after its publication.

Submitted to EUCHINA by Catherine Jami

6. Georges-Marie Schmutz (Lausanne, Switzerland) has opened a website (under construction) about Franz Stadlin S.J. (1658-1740), the first Swiss clockmaker in China:

Those people who are interested in online pictures of (parts of) a number of Chinese documents or maps (by Aleni, Boym, Schall, Verbiest, etc.) preserved in the Vatican Library, exhibited in the exhibition and catalogue "Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library and Renaissance Culture"
(Rome/Washington, 1993), should consult

Submitted to EUCHINA by Adrian Dudink

7. A new article by Catherine Jami appears in the latest issue of Late Imperial China 23, 1 (June 2002): Jami, Catherine.

· Imperial Control and Western Learning: The Kangxi Emperor's Performance

· Kangxi, Emperor of China, 1654-1722.
· China -- Civilization -- Western influences.
· Science and state -- China -- History -- Kangxi, 1662-1722.

If you or your institution are subscribers, access the article at :

Reference from N. Standaert
8. New bibliographical article:

Michael Sievernich S.J., "Die Jesuitenmissionen in Asien (16. bis 18. Jahrhundert). Ein Überblick", Theologie und Philosophie 77/3 (2002) pp. 389-426.

Submitted to EUCHINA by Claudia von Collani

9. New papers:

  • Michele Fatica, "Note sul viaggio di Pietro Guo in Italia, 1859-1860," in Scritture di storia, n.2, 2001, pp. 49-83;
  • Michele Fatica, L'Istituto Orientale di Napoli come sede di scamnbio culturale tra Italia e Cina nei secoli XVIII e XIX, ibidem, pp. 83-121.
  • Giovanni Stary, Nota sul ritrovamento a San Pietroburgo fdi un Atlante di Matteo Ripa, ibidem, pp. 122-126.
  • Wan Ming, La conoscenza cinese dell'Italia nel secolo XVIII (Chinese and Italian languages), ibidem, pp. 14-48.
  • Jésus López-Gay, Dimensão missionária da questão dos Ritos Chineses (Portuguese and English languages), in "Oriente" (Fundação Oriente, Lisboa), n. 3, 2002, pp. 81-90.
  • Erik Zürcher, O christianismo chinês como religião marginal: a acomodação jesuítica e o imperativo cultural (Portuguese and English languages),ibidem, pp.91-95.
    Submitted to EUCHINA by Michele Fatica
  • Paul Rule, Que ritos? Que dereitos? A coquestão dos Ritos Chineses como choque de culturas (Portuguese and English languages),ibidem, pp.96-105; Michele Fatica, Francesco Saverio Wang e l'adattamento in cinese del Vecchio e Nuovo Testamento in strofe tetrastiche, 1894, in S. GRAZIANI [editor], Studi sul Vicino Oriente Antico dedicati alla memoria di Luigi Cagni, Istituto Universitario Orientale, Napoli 2000, vol. III, pp.1493-1528