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  • Striking a Harmonious Chord
    Foreign Missionaries and Chinese-style Buildings, 1911-1949 / Jeffrey W. Cody, Dept. of Architecture, Chinese University of Hong Kong.
    An important study on Chinese Church architecture and its development. Mr. Cody examines the missionary effort to construct churches, schools, and other buildings that were a compromise of indigenous designs with modern needs, and the difficulty of satisfying these ends. Details include the Church of Our Savior, Shanghai (1918), Seminary of Suwanfu (1932), Cathedral Church of Our Saviour, Beijing (1914), Jinling (Ginling) College for Women, St. John’s University Science Building (1920), Chinese YMCA (1923), and Union Missions Building (1924).
  • The Yingzao Fashi Project
    An important component in the study of Chinese architecture is the manual Yingzao fashi, by Li Jie, 1035-1110. This site, sponsored by the Architecture Dept. of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, uses computer models to study and teach 12th-century Chinese wood-frame architecture, which is described in detail in the government building manual, Yingzao fashi (Building Method), published in 1103. Information on this site compliments the site on foreign missionaries and Chinese style building (above).

Nestorian Era:

  • Assyrian Christian Missions in China, 635 - 1550 AD/Esha Emmanuel Tamras
    Examination of the Syro-Chaldean (Nestorian) Monument of Xi’anfu erected in 781, compiled from older references.

History of Christianity in China:

  • The Church in China / Henri Cordier, Transcribed by M. Donohue. Catholic Encyclopedia, vol. III (1908, 2002).
    Dated but still useful account of Christianity in China from the Tang Dynasty to 1900. In addition ot Roman Catholic and Protestant missions, citation includes a historical examination of Jews in China, Islam, and Russian Ecclesiastical Mission
  • How Rome went to China
    A section of the exhibition “Rome Reborn: the Vatican Library & Renaissance Culture” held at the Library of Congress, January 8-April 30, 1993. On display are maps and text by Aleni, Schall, Boym, Ricci, de Ursis, Verbiest, Varo, and Couplet, with accompanying explanations.

  • Lessons from the Chinese Rites Controversy

Chinese Christian Colleges:

Contemporary Chinese Christianity:

  • Aimed at providing Western audiences with the latest information about the development of Christianity in China, information is obtained from sources that include the China Christian Council (CCC) and its many branches of local churches. The site contains archived issues of China Church News, Devotions & Sermons, China Contours, and China Theological Review. Management performed by the Christian Leadership Exchange (CLE).
  • Chinese Christian Internet Mission
    Bibles and Bible study, access to online Christian journals, the Chinese Christian Online Library,, Chinese Christian music.

Bible and Bible Study:

  • Online Bibles: English Interlinear, King James, Basic English, Chinese Union (in both traditional and simplified Chinese), versions and study tools. Bibles in both web viewable form and as downloadable files.

Chinese Software: