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Methodist Protestant Mission (MP) 美普會
Alternative Names:Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Protestant Church;
Meipu hui 美普會; Zhangjiakou Meipuhui 張家口美普會
Type:Sending agency

Compiler: R.G. Tiedemann
Source: 1936 Handbook of the Chistian Movement in China, p. 78.
Religious Affiliation: Protestant (Methodist)
Date established: 1880.
Commenced work in China in: 1909.
Nationality: American
Gender: Mixed
Fields in China: Kalgan (Zhangjiakou 張家口), Chahar (1909)

Background Note: Foreign work was begun in 1880, under the combined Home and Foreign Board; but the Board of Foreign Missions was not organized until 1888. In 1925 union of WFMS with Foreign and Home Mission Boards to form the Board of Missions.

The Methodist Protestant Church of America made its first attempt to establish a mission in China by sending out two ladies around 1900; but one married, the other retired.

The Kalgan work was started by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions in 1865. The mission was turned over to the Methodist Protestant Church in 1909, with C. S. Heininger and wife taking charge. In 1936 the Rev. C. G. Söderbom was the senior missionary, with the Rev. H. S. Williams as secretary.

The Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist Protestant Church (MPW) was organized in 1879.

In 1939 the Methodist Protestant Church merged with the Methodist Episcopal Church and the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, to form the Methodist Church. In 1968 the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church merged to form the United Methodist Church.

Home address: Board of Missions of the Methodist Protestant Church, 316 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. (in 1936)
Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist Protestant Church, 315 Hastings Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. (in 1925)

Official Periodicals: Methodist Protestant
Methodist Recorder
Woman's Missionary Record (Woman's Foreign Missionary Society)

Archives: General Commission on Archives and History, The United Methodist Church, United Methodist Archives and History Center Archives, 36 Madison Avenue, P. O. Box 127, Madison, NJ 07940, U.S.A.

Persons Index: Söderbom, Carl G. / Williams, Horace Starr / Heininger, Charles S.

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