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Hauge's Synod Mission (HSM) 鴻恩會
Alternative Names:Hauge's Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Synod;
Hong'en hui 鴻恩會; Hung-en-hui
Type:Sending agency

Compiler: R.G. Tiedemann
Religious Affiliation: Protestant (Lutheran)
Date established: 1876.
Commenced work in China in: 1891.
Nationality: American
Gender: Mixed
Fields in China: Hubei: Fancheng 樊城 (1894); Taipingdian 太平店 (1896) ; Shekou 灄口; Henan: Xinye 新野; Dengzhou 鄧州; Jigongshan

Background Note: The Hauge Synod, the most numerous Norwegian pietistic group, separated from the "Eielsen Synod" in 1876. Named for the evangelical lay preacher and religious reformer of 18th and 19th century Norway, Hans Nielsen Hauge (1771-1824), the group de-emphasized formal worship and stressed personal faith experience. Reflecting a "low-church" Lutheranism, the Hauge Synod records revolve around domestic and international missions activities and annual reports, featuring a highly informative scrapbook of the Mission Dove, the womens' auxiliary of the mission effort.

In 1917 merged with the United Norwegian Lutheran Church of America, founded in 1890, and the Synod of the Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church, founded in 1823, to form the the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America. Now part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Division for Global Mission.

Official Periodicals: Budbæreren. "Organ for den Evangelisk-lutherske kirke i Amerika"; from July 1875 "Organ for Hauges norsk evangelisk-lutherske synode" (Rochester, MN, 1868-1917); weekly.

Literature: Gustav Marius Bruce. A Brief History of the China Mission of Hauge's Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Synod of America (1916).
Thorstein Himle, Evangeliets seier; festskrift for Hauge synode Kinamissions 25 aars jubilaeum 1891-1916, redigeret af pastor Th. Himle med bistand af pastor H. N. Ronning og pastor A. O. Oppegaard. (1916)
Talbert Rorem Ronning. Hauge's Synod Missionary Enterprise in China (1930).

Archives: Mission Dove of Hauge's Synod/WMF, 1901-1917.
Hauge's Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church Mission Papers, Record Group 4 in: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Region 3 Archives, 2481 Como Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108, U.S.A.

Persons Index: Hauge, Hans Nielsen

Subject Index: Hauge's Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Synod /Lutherans /Hauge's Synod Mission /Hubei /Fancheng, Hubei /Taipingdian, Hubei /Shekou, Hubei /Xinye, Henan /Dengzhou, Henan /Jigongshan, Henan /Henan /Hongenhui /Hung-en-hui