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Berlin Missionary Society (BMG) 巴陵信義會
Alternative Names:Gesellschaft zur Beförderung der evangelischen Mission unter den Heiden; Berliner Missionsgesellschaft; Berlin Mission; Berlin I
Baling Xinyi hui 巴陵信義會; Pa-ling Hsin-i-hui
Type:Sending agency

Compiler: R.G. Tiedemann
Source: 1936 Handbook of the Christian Movement in China (1936), pp. 51-52.
Religious Affiliation: Protestant (Lutheran)
Date established: 1824.
Commenced work in China in: 1882.
Nationality: German
Gender: Mixed
Fields in China: Guangdong: Guangzhou (1867); Chihing (1899); Zhoutang'ao [Dschutongau], Guishan xian (1891); Namyung-Siuyin (1893); Shijiao [Shekkok] 石角 (Hua xian)-Lukhang 鹿 (1897 and 1902); Shiuchow-Yinfa-Lockcheong (1903); Sunwei (1926) Huizhou [Waichow ; Fui-dschu] (1903) ; Yingde [Yingtak] 英德 (1925); Shandong: Qingdao 青島(1898-1924); Jimo 即墨(1901-1924); Jiaozhou 膠州(now Jiaoxian 膠縣) (1908-1924)

Background Note: The BMG took over the Hongkong and Guangdong work of the Berlin Missionary Association for China in 1882. Financial difficulties after World War I compelled the BMG to transfer its Shandong work to the American Lutheran Mission. Having received material support from the American church since 1918, the official transfer of assets and some personnel occurred on 1 January 1925.

In 1935 the German mission entered an important new phase, when the German government severely reduced the amount of foreign currency that could be transferred to China. The Chinese church of the Berlin Mission thus became a church of self-support.

Official Periodicals: Berliner Missionsberichte
Der Berliner Missionsfreund
Mission und Pfarramt

Home address: Berliner Missionswerk, Georgenkirchstraße 70, Haus 1, D-10249 Berlin, GERMANY (current).

Archives: Archives of the Berlin Missionary Society:
Kirchliches Archivzentrum, Landeskirchliches Archiv der Evangelischen Kirche in Berlin-Brandenburg, Bethaniendamm 29, D-10997 Berlin, GERMANY.

Subject Index: Berlin Missionary Society / Berlin Mission / American Lutheran Mission / Lutherans / Guangdong / Gesellschaft zur Beförderung der evangelischen Mission / Shandong / Qingdao, Shandong / Jimo, Shandong / Jiaozhou, Shandong / Xinyihui / Hsin-i-hui / Baling Xinyihui / Pa-ling Hsin-i-hui / Berliner Mission / Zhoutang'ao, Guishan xian, Guangdong / Dschutongau, Kwantung / Zhonghua Xinyihui / Chung-hua Hsin-i-hui / Lutheran Church of China / Berlin Missionary Association for China