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Talmadge College 尋源中學校
Talmage College
Tengchow College
Tertiary Franciscan Missionaries of the Immaculate Conception (?)
Tertiary Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart (?) 耶穌聖心之方濟各第三修女會
Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis 聖方濟各第三會訓蒙院
The Girls’ Higher Primary School 淑德女子初級中學校
Theological Seminary of Basel Mission 樂育神學院
Tibetan Forward Mission (TFM)
Trinity College 三一中學校
Trinity College 三一初級中學校
True Jesus Church 真耶穌教
True Light Middle School for Girls 真光女子中學校
Tsehchow Mission (1913) (TSM)
Tsehchow Mission (TSM) 神召會
Tsung The Girls’ Middle School 崇德女子中學校
Tsung Yin Girls’ School 崇英初級女子中學校
Tung Jen Lower Middle School 同仁學校
Tzeliutsing Canadian Mission Hospital 自流井仁濟醫院