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L.M. Sprunt Girls’ School 輔實女子高級中學校
Laura Haygood Memorial School for women 景海女子師範學校
Lay Auxiliaries of the Missions (AFI; ICA) 雷鳴遠國際女子服務團
Liebenzell Mission (LM) 立本責信義會
Ling Liang Church 靈糧世界佈道會
Lingnan University 嶺南大學
Lingnan Univerwsity Middle School 嶺南中學校
Little Brothers of St. John the Baptist 耀漢小兄弟會
Little Flock 小群
Little Sisters of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus 德來小妹妹會
Little Sisters of the Poor (PSdP) 安貧小姊妹會
Local Missionary Associations in China
Loktek Girls’ School 毓德女子中學校
London Missionary Society (LMS) 倫敦會
Luchow Canadian Mission Hospital 瀘州仁濟醫院
Lund Missionary Society (LuMS)
Lungpui Mission
Lutheran Bible College for Men 信義聖經男學院
Lutheran Bible College for Women 信義女子聖經學院
Lutheran Bible College for Women 信義聖經女學院