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Alderman Girls’ School 貴貞女子初級師範學校
Alliance Bible Seminary for Girls’ 建道聖經女學院
Alliance Bible Seminary 建道聖經男學院
AMEM Girls’ High School 華美女子中學校
American Advent Mission Society (AAM) 來復會
American Baptist Missionary Union (ABMU) 浸禮會
American Bible Society (ABS) 美國聖經會
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) 公理會
American Friends Board of Missions (AFBM)
American Friends Mission (AFO) 貴格會
American Lutheran Mission (of Shandong) (ALM) 中華信義會
American Presbyterians (North) (PN) 長老會(美北)
American Presbyterians (South) (PS) 長老會(美南)
American Seaman's Friend Society (ASFS) 美國海員友好協會
Amoy Theological College 閩南聖道專門學校
Anding Middle School 正則初級中學校
Anglo-Chinese College (Shanghai)
Anglo-Chinese College 新學中學校
Anglo-Chinese College 鶴齡英華中學校
Anna Cheng's Mission