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Institutions are organizations, benevolent societies, hospitals, orphanages, clinics, publishers, universities, or any establishment that has a Christian connection. Also included in this section are places of worship, churches, monuments, shrines, cemeteries, temples, etc.

To search Institutions:

  1. Select an attribute to search from the pull-down menu.
    You can search by the NAME of the Institution, by its ALTERNATIVE NAME (for example a name the institution was known by, but different from the official name, or an ancient name), by the LOCATION where the institution was, by the TYPE of institution (for example 'hospital', 'church', 'college') or simply select KEYWORD for searching all the fields.
  2. Enter one or more words in the empty window to define your search.
  3. Press go.

To browse Institutions:

  1. Click on the index letters to see an alphabetized list of names, or
  2. Click on Top to see the first entries on the list and then proceed by clicking Next.

When viewing the results, you may click on the arrow to see a brief record, or click on the entry itself and see the entire record.

To search in Chinese, or display correctly Chinese characters, go to the Technical section of the Roundtable.