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Hamberg, Theodor 韓山文 (1819-1854)
Alternative Names:Han Shanwen 韓山文 ; Han Shanming 韓山明
Religious Affiliation:Basel Mission (Protestant)

Reference Aids: Wylie No. 89 ; Biographisch-Bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon, Vol. II (1990), cols. 500-504 ( )

Compiler: R.G. Tiedemann

Theodor Hamberg, Swedish missionary (Lutheran) (male), was born on 25 March 1819 at Stockholm, in Sweden, the child of Nils Nicholas Hamberg, ship's captain, and Magdalena Lovisa Löfvenberg. He was educated at a business school. Having worked first as a bookkeeper in Stockholm, Hamberg trained in the Basel Mission (BM) institute 1844-1846.
He arrived with Rudolf Lechler in China on 19 March 1847, at Hongkong . He worked in the Guangdong mission.
Hamberg died on 13 May 1854 at Hongkong.

Married Louise Motander on 12 September 1851 in Hongkong. Had issue: (1) a son, born 29 June 1852, (2) Victor Alexis Thanschin Hamberg (born 7 January 1854, and died soon afterwards).

Archival Material: Basel Mission Archives

Theodore Hamberg, The Chinese Rebel Chief Hung-Siu-Tsuen and the Origin of the Insurrection in China (London, 1855).
Gustav Hannich, Treue bis ans Ende. Erlebnisse des schwedischen Missionars Theodor Hamberg in China (Basel, 1941).
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The following section was contributed by Huazhong Shifan Daxue 華中師範大學:

The Visions of Hung-Siu Tshuen and Origin of the Kwang-Si Rebellion (1854)

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