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Happer, Andrew Patton, 1818-1894
Alternative Names:Haba Ande; Ha-pa An-te
Religious Affiliation:American Presbyterian Mission, North (Protestant)

Sources: Wylie # 71; Henry V. Noyes, "In Memoriam: Rev. A. P. Happer, M.D., D.D., LL.D.", Chinese Recorder 26 (Jan 1895), p. 31; Biographical Dictionary of Christian Missions (1998), p. 279.

Compiler: R.G. Tiedemann

American missionary (Presbyterian) (male)
Born 20 October 1818 at Washington near Monongahela, Pennsylvania, in U.S.A., the child of Baptist Happer, and Ann Arrell.
Was educated at Jefferson College, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania (B.A. 1835); Western Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (A.M. 1843); University of Pennsylvania (M.D. 1844). 1844 entered the American Presbyterian Mission, North (AP) in Philadelphia. Was ordained 1844. Arrived in China 1844 . Worked in South China Mission as medical doctor and educator. Principal stations include Hongkong (1844-1845); Macao (1845-1847); Guangzhou, Guangdong (1847-1854, 1859-1891). Married (1) Catherine Elizabeth Susan Ball, eldest daughter of Dyer Ball, on 11 November 1847 at Guangzhou, Guangdong; (2) A.L. Elliott in 1869; (3) Hannah J. Shaw of the AP mission, Guangzhou, in 1875. Had issue: 5 children from his first wife. Left China 1891. Died 1894 at Wooster, Ohio, U.S.A.

Additional Comments: Upon graduation from Jefferson College, Happer taught school for five years. He left the United States in the Cohota with Lloyd, Loomis and Culbertson on 22 June 1844 and reached Macao on 22 October 1844. He worked in the Morrison Education Society school in Hongkong from November 1844 until April 1845 and opened a mission school at Macao in May 1845. He left on furlough for the U.S.A. in December 1854 and returned to Guangzhou in September 1859. Having turned over the medical work to Dr. John G. Kerr in 1854, Happer devoted himself to education. During the 1850s he established several day schools and training facilities for Chinese pastors and teachers. In 1862 he organized the First Presbyterian Church in Guangzhou; in 1886 he founded Canton Christian College, now Lingnan University. Happer was an early opponent of the Taiping movement.

Decorations, Honors: D.D. from Jefferson College in 1864

Archival Material: AP Archives, Philadelphia [get the current 'official' name of the repository]

Literature: A.P. Happer, The State of Religion in China (1881); A.P. Happer, Influence of the College in the Civilization of the World (1895).
Loren W. Crabtree, "Andrew P. Happer and Presbyterian Missions in China, 1844-1891", Journal of Presbyterian History 62 (1984), pp. 19-34.

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