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Eitel, Ernst Johann, 1838-1908
Alternative Names:Eitel, Ernest John; Ai De 地1w
Religious Affiliation:Basel Mission (Protestant)

Sources: Wylie # 272; LMS Register, p.164-165

Compiler: R.G. Tiedemann

German missionary (male); born 13 February 1838 in Wurttemberg, Germany. As a member of the Evangelical Church of Wttemberg, he served as pastor at M飉singen, "which office he continued to hold, though, under leave renewed by the Consistory of that Church every six years, he laboured in China as Missionary of the Basle Miss. Soc.". He resided at Lilang, Xin'an district, Guangdong.
In April 1865 he transferred his connection to the London Missionary Society, residing at Guangzhou, Guangdong, and taking charge of the Boluo Mission as well as that of the Hakka (kejia) villages outside Guangzhou. In January 1870 he moved to Hongkong while still having charge of the Boluo Mission. In April 1879 he resigned from the LMS and became Inspector of Schools in Hongkong; subsequently private secretary to Sir John Pope Hennessey.
In 1866 he married Mary Anne Winifred Eaton of the Female Education Society.
He died in Adelaide, Australia, in 1908.

Decorations, Honors: Ph.D. from the University of Tingen in 1871.

Archival Material: Archives of the Basel Mission, Switzerland; Archives of the Council for World Mission, SOAS, London

Literature: Ernst Johann Eitel, "Ethnographical Sketches of the Hakka Chinese", Notes and Queries on China and Japan, in Vol. 1 (1867)to Vol. 3 (1869)
Ernst Johann Eitel, Handbook for Students of Chinese Buddhism (London, 1870).
Ernst Johann Eitel, 'Feng Shui', or, Natural Science in China (London, 1873).

Persons Index: Eitel, Ernst Johann/Eaton, Mary Anne Winifred (Mrs. E.J. Eitel)/Eitel, Mary Anne Winifred (Mrs. E.J. Eitel)

Subject Index: Basel Mission/London Missionary Society/Lilang, Xin'an, Guangdong/Guangdong/Boluo, Guangdong/Guangzhou, Guangdong/Hongkong



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