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Ji, Zhiwen 計志文 (1901-1985)
Alternative Names:Andrew Gih
Religious Affiliation:Evangelize China Fellowship

Compiler: Liu Jiafeng, Wuhan, China

A well-known independent Chinese evangelist. Born in Shanghai, he became a Christian while a student at Bethel School in Shanghai. Moved by the preaching of Paget Wilkes, he became an evangelist at the age of 25. In 1928 he joined the Worldwide Evangelistic Band, led by George Rideout of Asbury College, Wilmore, Kentucky. While on a preaching tour in south China, he met the famed evanglist John Sung (Song Shangjie). They formed the Bethel Worldwide Evangelistic Band in 1931. After Sung left this work in 1933, he continued it under the name of Bethel Mission until 1947, when he founded the Evangelize China Fellowship (ECF) and opened the Mandarin Church in Shanghai. After Shanghai fell to the Communists, he moved his work to Hong Kong. In 1947 he appointed Paul Shen to open ECF work in Taiwan, resulting eleven years later in seven churches and an orphanage.

Throughout his life he traveled around the world, preaching in many countries. During wartime he organized refugee centers and orphanages for war victims. Under his leadership the ECF established 375 churches and chapels, seven schools, and two seminaries in seven countries of Southeast Asia. The work of ECF continues in those countries, in Hong Kong and in the United States. (The above is cited from Donald E. MacInnis, “Gih, Andrew ”, in Gerald H. Anderson edited, Biographical Directory of Christian Missions, 1998.)

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