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Jing Dianying 敬奠瀛 (1890-1957)
Alternative Names:
Religious Affiliation:Chinese Indigenous Church, Ye Su Jia Ting (Jesus Family)

Compiler: Liu Jiafeng, Wuhan, China

Leader of Jesus Family, Chinese Indigenous Church. Born in Mazhuang, Tai An county, Shandong Province. He entered Tsui Ying (Cui Ying) Middle School in 1912, which was established by Methodist Episcopal Church. He was baptized in Tsui Ying, but he was not converted to Christianity faith until many years later. His religious faith was greatly influenced by Pentecostalism and he sought spirit grace anxiously. In 1921, he gathered some Christians and established a Shengtu She (Saint Cooperative Society) in his home village, which was the predecessor of Jesus Family. In 1926, he created the Can Sang Xue Dao Fang (silkworm school) in the Xia Family of Mazhuang. Men and women Christians lived a collective life there. Can Sang Xue Dao Fang then changed its name to Ye Su Jia Ting, or Jesus Family in English in 1927. Jesus Family had branches in all China, reaching to Gansu Province and Inner Mongolia. After the communist takeover in 1952, Jesus Family was disassembled finally, and Jing was put in prison and died at 1957.

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