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Jencks, Erasmus N.
Alternative Names:
Religious Affiliation:American Baptist Missionary Union (Protestant)

Reference Aids: Wylie, Memorials of Protestant Missionaries to the Chinese, p. 155.

Compiler: R.G. Tiedemann

Erasmus N. Jencks, American missionary (Baptist) (male), was born in Massachusetts, ca. 1822.
Being ordained to the ministry, he was appointed missionary to the Chines by the American Baptist Missionary Union (ABMU). He left New York in the ship Cohota on 29 June 1846, with his wife, the Revs. W. Dean, S. C. Clopton, and George Pearcy, with their wives. They arrived at Macao on 6 October 1846. Jencks proceeded from Hongkong to Bangkok, Siam, in the same year. There he made rapid progress with the language, but soon afterwards Mrs. Jencks' failing health compelled them to leave the field. They left Bangkok in November 1847, returned to China via Singapore, and embarked at Whampoa on 12 April 1848 in the Valparaiso for the United States. Mrs. Jencks died at sea. Erasmus Jencks remarried and engaged in ministerial labors in the United States, having dissolved his connection with the ABMU.
IN 1860 he was a minister in Illinois; in the 1880 census he is listed as a Co. Surveyor in Lone Tree Township, Clay Co., Iowa.

E. N. Jencks married Caroline Baldwin on 6 February 1846. She was the daughter of the Rev. Daniel Baldwin, of Milford, Connecticut. [Note: Wylie gives her name as Susan Baldwin.] She died at sea on 27 June 1848, in latitude 32° 10' South, longitude 14° East, and her remains were committed to the deep the following day.
They had issue:
William Jencks.


Archival Material: Archives of the American Baptist Board of International Ministries, Valley Forge, PA 19481, U.S.A.

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