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Jakobsen, Anna Sofie (1860-1913)
Alternative Names:Cheng, Anna
Religious Affiliation:China Inland Mission (Protestant)

Anna Sofie Jakobsen, Norwegian missionary (Lutheran) (female), was born in Kristiansand, Norway, on 8 November 1860. She was a member of the Lutheran Free Church in Kristiansand.
In 1879 a businessman in Kristiansand, Rasmussen, had established contact with the China Inland mission. Four years later, in 1883, the Swedish-American evangelist and mission promoter, Fredrik Franson, addressed meetings in Rasmussen's home. Anna Jakobsen, who was a housemaid there, was one of those who responded and in 1884 attended Franson's first evangelist course in Oslo.
In the same year Jakobsen went to England and was accepted by the China Inland Mission. She sailed with Sofie Reuter for China on 18 November 1885, as one of the first Norwegian missionaries in that country. She was assigned to Shanxi province. During Fredrik Franson's travels in Shanxi in 1895, he met Anna Jakobsen at Huozhou 霍州. [Edvard Torjesen, "A Study of Frederick Franson", Ph.D. dissertation, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1984, p. 620.] .
Following a vicious campaign in the North-China Herald, Anna Jakobsen was expelled from the CIM in 1898, on account of her marriage to the Chinese evangelist Cheng Xiuqi. The couple subsequently started an independent mission, known as "Anna Cheng's Mission", at Zezhou 澤州 (now Jincheng), Shanxi. Although Anna died in 1913, the mission, which received financial support from Norway, was still listed in 1916 as operating in Shaanxi province. [Harlan P. Beach and Burton St. John (eds.), World Statistics of Christian Missions (New York, 1916), p. 49.]

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