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This section contains a listing of individuals who have played a role in the history of Christianity in China. This section includes, but is not limited to, missionaries, teachers, doctors, converts, critics, and the literati. Entries are not intended to be exhaustive but to provide a useful foundation for further research, especially for those whose backgrounds are not well documented. Individuals who have been the subject of study will be listed with biographical excerpts and bibliographic citations.

Names are filed alphabetically, with Chinese names filed according to pinyin transcription. Western names usually follow the form authorized by the Library of Congress. Pen-names or variations are listed under Alternate Names; you may search with an alternate name to arrive at the person you want, but remember to use the authorized form in other sections of the Ricci Roundtable.

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    You can search by the NAME of the person, by ALTERNATIVE NAME (for example the Chinese name of foreigners, or alternative spellings or forms of a name), by RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION. You can always select KEYWORD for searching all the fields.
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