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Taixi shuifa 泰西水法
Taixi Siji Ai xiansheng xingshu 泰西思及艾先生行述
Tamate, peacemaker of New Guinea
Tang Jingjiao beisong zhengquan 唐景教碑頌正詮
Tang Ruowang : Yesuhui chuanjiaoshi 湯 若 望 : 耶 穌 會 士
Taste of water : Christianity through Taoist-Buddhist eyes
Technical knowledge, cultural practices and social boundaries: Wan-nan scholars and the recasting of Jesuit astronomy, 1600-1800
Temps ... et autres
Tetrabiblion Sinense de moribus.
Theology of revival in the Chinese Christian church, 1900-1949: its emergence and impact
They called us white Chinese : the story of a lifetime of service to God and mankind
Think China: a study book on China
Thirty years in China, 1905-1935
Tianxue chuan’gai 天學傳概
Tianxue chuhan 天學初函
Tianzhu shengjiao lüeshuo 天主聖教略說
Tianzhu shengjiao shijie zhiquan 天主聖教十誡直詮
Tianzhu shengjiao shilu 天主聖教實錄
Tianzhu shengjiao sizi jingwen 天主聖教四字經文
Tianzhu Shengjiao zhulüe 天主聖教註略