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P. Benedetto Piccardo della Compagnia di Gesù : ricordi della sua vita
P. Joachim Bouvet S.J. : sein Leben und sein Werk
P. Joseph Montanha's Apparatos und die Abschrift des Fernost-Archivs S.I. im Rahmen der Initiative der Academia Real da História Portuguesa
P. Matteo Ricci S.I., il 'Saggio d'Occidente' : un grande italiano nella Cina impenetrabile (1552-1610)
Pagoda and the cross; the life of Bishop Ford of Maryknoll
Parents of many: forty-five years as missionaries in old, new, and divided China
Partners across the Pacific : China and Southern Baptists
Passage to power : K'ang-hsi and his heir apparent, 1661-1722
Passion for the impossible; the China Inland Mission, 1865-1965
Passione di Gesù Cristo in un'opera cinese del 1608-1610
Péking : histoire et description
Pentecost of the hills in Taiwan
People of God among all God's peoples : frontiers in Christian mission
Pequeña gran mujer en la China
Personal narrative of occurrences during Lord Elgin's second embassy to China, 1860
Peter Parker and the opening of China
Philippe Couplet, S.J. (1623-1693) : the man who brought China to Europe
Piety, patriotism, progress: Chinese Protestant in Fuzhow society and the making of a modern China, 1857-1927
Pilgrims and strangers: the China Inland Mission in Britain, Canada, the United States, and China, 1865-1900
Pioneering in China