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Observatório astronómico de Pequim, séculos XVI a XIX
Shiliu zhi shijiu shiji Beijing guanxiangtai 十六至十九世紀北京觀象台

Oeuvres de la mission de Kiang-Sou, 1925-1926
On the Dragon Hills
On the Shantung front
One Hundred Roman documents concerning the Chinese rites controversy (1645-1941)
One hundred years of the China Inland Mission/Overseas Missionary Fellowship in North America: 1888-1988
One of China's scholars : the culture & conversion of a Confucianist
Only a beginning : the Passionists in China, 1921-1931
Opera Salesiana in Cina : cenno storico
Opera salesiana nel Vietnam
Opere storiche del P. Matteo Ricci
Oracle in China: on the history of the west China General Conference Mennonite mission: Paoki and Chengtu, 1947-1951
Orígenes de la Iglesia Católica Coreana desde 1566 hasta 1784 : según documentos inéditos de la época
Origini dell'arte cristiana cinese (1583-1640)
Orphelinat de T'ou-sè-wè : son histoire, son état présent
Our first decade in China, 1905-1915
Our ordered lives confess : three nineteenth-century American missionaries in East Shantung
Our second decade in China, 1915-1925
Out of the storm in China