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J. Hudson Taylor, for God and China
J. O. Fraser and church growth among the Lisu of southwest China
Japanese in Macau
Japoneses em Macau
Jean-François Gerbillon, S.J. (1654-1707)
Jesuit and Friar in the Spanish expansion to the East
Jesuit geometers : a study of fifty-six prominent Jesuit geometers during the first two centuries of Jesuit history
Jesuit missions in Japan : original letters and reports, 1663-1688
Jesuit perceptions of the Chinese and Native Americans during the seventeeth century and their impact on the success of the Jesuit mission in China and New France
Jesuit scientist-missionaries in China: the Jesuit use of European science as a means of propagating the faith
Jesuítas no Império da China: o primeiro século (1582-1680)
Jesuítas portugueses astrónomos na China, 1583-1805
Putaoya Yesuhui Tianwenxuejia zai Zhongguo 葡萄牙耶穌會天文學家在中國, 1583-1805

Jésuite à Pékin : nouveaux mémoires sur l'état présent de la Chine, 1687-1692
Jesuiten-Lexicon : Die Gesellschaft Jesu einst und jetzt (Paderborn 1934)
Jésuites du Québec en Chine, 1918-1955
Jésuites en Chine (1552-1773) : la querelle des rites
Jesuits and the controversy over the Chinese rites : an historical summary
Jesuits and the Sino-Russian Treaty of Nerchinsk (1689) : The diary of Thomas Pereira
Jesuits at the court of Peking (1935)
Jesuits at the court of Peking (1975)