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I discover the Orient
I have seen God work in China
Iezusukai Nihon Korejiyo no Konpendiumu イエズス会日本コレジヨの講義要綱
Ignacio Moreira of Lisbon : cartographer in Japan 1590-1592
Iles Philippines du grand archipel de la Chine
Images de la Chine : le contexte occidental de la sinologie naissante
Images of China for Americans,1927-1950: the missionaries' dilemma
Impact of historical Protestant mission strategies in China and models for future mission strategies
Imperial government and Catholic missions in China during the years 1784-1785
Implication of the church growth strategy and mission to China for the Korean church
Imprimerie sino-européenne en Chine
In and out of China cities
In memoriam : a tribute to the deceased Salesians who worked in China (1906-1986)
In spite of danger; the story of Thelma Smith in China
Inclusion acts: the ideological work of nineteenth-century American missionary ethnography
Inculturatie : evangelie en cultuur
Indianische Raiss von dreyen Ehrwųrdigen Priestern der Societet Iesv, welche im Jar Christi 1618
Initiating a ministry to an unreached people in restricted access country
Inscribed landscapes : travel writing from imperial China