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Ganzhoutang Xia xianggong shengming Madiya hui Fang laoye shu 贛州堂夏相公聖名瑪第亞回方老爺書
Generations of giants : the story of the Jesuits in China in the last decades of the Ming dynasty
Genesis of St. Paul's College
George Hunter, apostle of Turkestan
Gesuiti alla corte di Pechino
Ginling College
Glory and fall of the Ming dynasty
God's fool
Goforth of China
Golden inches : the China memoir of Grace Service
Gospel of gentility
Gou Gu Yi 勾股義
Grand dictionnaire Ricci de la langue chinoise = Li Shi Han-Fa cidian 利氏漢法辭典
Great missionaries to China
Gu'an jixiang 顧案紀詳
Guide to archival resources on Canadian missionaries in East Asia : 1890-1960
Guide to the archives and records of Protestant Christian missions from the British Isles to China, 1796-1914
Guide to the Catholic Church in China, 1997, Zhongguo Tianzhujiao zhinan 中國天主教指南, 1997
Guinness of Honan
Guomin li 國民歷