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Face of Taiwan : a selection of photo studies
Faculty radio talks
Failure in the Far East
Fang Hao liushi zhi liushisi zixuan daidinggao 方豪六十至六十四自選待定稿
Fang Hao zixuan daidinggao 方豪自選待定稿

Far Eastern Catholic missions, 1663-1711 : the original papers of the Duchess d'Aveiro
Father Basilio Brollo, O.F.M. : missionary and first Vicar Apostolic of Shensi, China
Ferdinand Verbiest (1623-1688) : Jesuit missionary, scientist, engineer and diplomat
Fifty-six years a missionary in China
Fire and sword in Shansi
First Chinese priest of the Society of Jesus : Emmanuel de Siqueira, 1633-1673
First Encounter of Chinese and Western Culture
Fonti ricciane
Foochow missionaries, 1847-1880
Footprints of Bible colporteurs at home, and of the Christian missionary in China
Foreign devil in China : the story of Dr. L. Neldon Bell
Forgotten Christians of Hangzhou
Formatio cleri in Mongolia
Formation and development of the house churches in China
Four Horsemen ride again
Four streams