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Da ke wen 答客問
Daiyi lun 代疑論
Daiyi pian 代疑篇
Dangerous opportunity
De missione legatorum Iaponensium ad Romanam curiam, rebusque
De novis christianae religionis progressibus et certaminibus in Iaponia
De rebus Iaponicis, Indicis, et Peruanis epistolae recentiores
Death and burial : the Chinese way and the Christian dilemma
Death of Stephen Faber, S.J. : apostle of Shensi, China
Death throes of a dynasty : letters and diaries of Charles and Bessie Ewing, missionaries to China
Découverte de la Chine par les Portugais au XVIème siècle et la cartographie des portulans
Democracy and mission education in Korea
Departed, Yet Present : Zhalan, the Oldest Christian Cemetery in Beijing
Development of a foreign mission agency for the Chinese Evangelical Alliance Church in Taiwan, Republic of China
Development of mission education work in China
Dicionário Português-Chinês: Michele Ruggieri (1543-1607) & Matteo Ricci (1552-1610)
Pu-Han cidian 葡漢辭典 ; Portuguese-Chinese dictionary

Dioceses fundadas nos territórios ultramarinos e padroado Português a partir de Lisboa com seus respectivos bispos
Discovery of Genesis: how the truths of Genesis were found hidden in the Chinese language
Dizui zhenggui 滌罪正規
Doctors courageous