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Bailie's activities in China
Baiyi Guanyin xiang 白衣觀音像
Baltasar Gago, SJ, e a terminologia Cristã do Japão
Baptized in the fire of revolution: the American social gospel and the YMCA in China: 1919-1937
Barbarians and mandarins : thirteen centuries of Western travelers in China
Behind barbed wire
Bei-Guan ; rossiskaia dukhovnaia missiia v Kitaie
Beijing college students : in search of the Chinese intellect
Beijing Xuanwumennei xin jian Tianzhutang beiji 北京宣武門內新建天主堂碑記
Belgae in China
Belge mandarin à la cour de Chine aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles : Antoine Thomas, 1644-1709, Ngan to P'ing-che
Between romantic revolution and Victorian propriety : the cultural work of British missionary narratives
Bian Xue Yi Du 辨學遺牘
Bianji houzhi 辯祭後誌
Bianxue yidu 辯學遺牘
Bibliografia missionaria
Bibliography of the history of Christianity in China : a preliminary draft
Bibliography of the Jesuit mission in China : ca. 1580-ca. 1680
Bibliotheca Asiatica
Bibliotheca missionum