This section contains institutions of archival resources on Christianity in China (including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao). Entries for archives and libraries in the United States are based on the book Christianity in China: a scholars' guide to resources in the libraries and archives of the United States (New York: M.E. Sharpe, 1989). Entries for institutions are created under the administration of the Ricci Institute.

Holdings in the United States following alphabetically the sequence below:

Name of the institution
Contact information

Within a repository, collections are organized according to category headings based on the standard entry form below, generally in the following sequence: subject, volume and dates, and any distinguishing features. Where long lists of items are related to the same subject or institution, as with mission station reports, the subject or institution is at the beginning of the list, covering all the subsequent items until the introduction of a new subject or institution. Occasionally, items listed appear unrelated to the subject, due to the vagaries of arrangement in the collections.

As an aid in locating items when contacting individual archives, we retain the spelling of names, places, and titles exactly as they appear in the repository records. Most libraries in the United States are cataloged using the Wade-Giles system of romanization. Variations are due to authors who used different romanization systems or who used ad hoc spellings of their own invention, often representing non-Mandarin dialects.

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